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Boykin, Lou Counselor

Hart, Ruth 7th & 8th History- STEAM Elective Around the World
Lindsey, Quinton 7th & 8th Math- STEAM Elective Engineering
Marlow, Lizzie 7th & 8th Science- STEAM Elective Forensics
Miller, Sarah 6th English & History STEAM Elective Genealogy
Nettles, Derrick Physical Education
Patrick, Nikita Counselor
Squires, Olivia 7th & 8th English- STEAM Elective Toys & Games
Tullis, Holley Library Media Specialist STEAM Elective Perfect Publishing
Walden, Heather 6th Math & Science STEAM Elective Robtics

Armstrong, William Paraprofessional STEAM Elective Fine Arts
Bonam, Frederick Piano & Choir
Bonam, latoya Dance
Dees, Brenda Lunchroom
Finley, Atony Custodian

Carter, Otis Band
Hultberg, Dorothy Special populations